Joy in Mudville.

Another beautiful day, ( although a bit muddy underfoot ),  made even more so by the BIG  news from the Borough committee meeting last night. 
The Manager has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Well & Fit board, turning over the vacant elementary school gym to them, along with a promise to tear down the classroom wing and re-side that end of what will be the new Well & Fit Center. The Borough also promised 250,000 from the budget reserve cache upon receiving a "Reasonable plan for for renovations and operation,"  from the Well & Fit board. At Morning Muscles Marnie  said, "This is a great day, I knew Haines was a wonderful place to live and it just got better. It may even keep more people here in the winter. "  If that's not enough heart healthy news, dust off  your bike. At the same Committee of the Whole meeting where the Well & Fit MOA was announced, public works director Bruce Smith said that the Borough has applied for, and won initial "bicycle friendly" community status, making Haines the third Alaskan community (Anchorage and Sitka are the others) to earn this. New bike lanes will painted on Borough roads, the town-site service area maximum speed limit will be 25 mph and, as bike commuter Mike Denker (and energy commissioner)  said, "We'll save a lot on fuel costs and it will be nice to see folks out and about more." The Police Chief said his officers will spend "As much time as possible on bikes" this summer, and perhaps year round. He noted that they already use hybrid patrol vehicles. Finally, I think the Borough has reached an agreement to save Picture Point. The Mayor said the terms are still under wraps, but that it involves a land swap. The property the Borough will trade for the scenic lookout has a greater potential to sell quickly, she said, which is the owner's  main objective. She said, "I'm 99% sure it will happen."
(Too good to be true? It is April First, so you decide.)


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