How Not to Blog

I'm a bit scattered. I had a column due yesterday and Jesse was here fixing the Internet and phone, and then Eliza needed help taking the second graders to the beach. (Lovely day, darling kids- write a column or skip rocks? You decide.)  I ended up writing about Clyde's memorial service. When everything was back up and running I had a flurry of emails about the new book to answer, and some school work. JJ was at the opera in Vienna last night. I was home with a moose stew and the Mariners' game on TV.  Next week I go to New York, as a guest of the Alaska Travel Industry Association for their annual media dinner with travel writers, and I am not the best traveler, and I need to find the tickets and my cell phone. What will I wear? This could worry me all day.  It's a bluebird day. I'm going outside and hanging out with Caroline and Sarah, some. I'm thinking about that Robert Frost poem- "Happiness Makes Up in Height What It Lacks in Length." That's a nice thought for an April day. Recently, I spoke with the Well & Fit group about how to blog. This is not how.
Also, the Big Air contest is tomorrow up in the pass, it begins at noon, and is, as always, in memory of Olen Seth Nash.


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