A Few Good Screens (and a Film Screening.)

Go ahead, play in the snow-- here is a great little film of a sledding race set to the William Tell Overture by 23 year-old Haines filmmaker Kee Heywood.  (It's only a few minutes and will make you wish you were playing hooky for real.)He made it back in 2009. Kee is currently completing his first feature length film in San Francisco, where he is finishing up film school. This answers the question  of what we do in the winter around here. We play outside and create things, from quilts to movies -- and maybe even books.(Also, there really is no school tomorrow, for a teacher inservice, so kids, you may want to make a townie-sledding video of your own. The heliskiers aren't the only ones having fun doing tricks in the "pow-pow" and posting them on facebook.) Speaking of screens, I'm typing away on my computer night and day.  I have a deadline looming and may make it, thanks to Cold Snap, herb tea, vitamin C, juice,  spicy soup, more Cold Snap, and those brisk walks with Pearl. Sick or well, she's still here. This morning grumpy little Phoebe even joined us for part of it. Spring snow perks her up. Another winter is behind her and she's still alive. Celebrate! The big news is that tonight from 6:30-8 I'm going to be inspired by the new state writer laureate Nora Marks Dauenhauer and her husband, former laureate, Richard Dauenhauer, at the Haines library. No, they aren't coming to town, but thanks to the new big screen and video conferencing equipment at the library, we can be at whatever lecture  hall they will be speaking at. This is technology that a homebody like me can love. 



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