Housekeeping, Again

It was so nice to wake up to the gulls calling and diving out the window this morning. It looks more like spring back east, but sounds more like it here. The Eulachon are in and the sky over the tide flats looks like a ticker-tape parade with all the birds.  I have posted the final cover of the new book, it is nice, bike riding moose and all.  What's an Alaskan author to do? (I figure two books makes me an author, right?) The books are on their way to bookstores now, and will be available May 18th most places, except Haines, where they will be on sale beginning May 17th. (Graduation is the 18th, and we wouldn't want to miss that.) I've got some chores to do today. Windows, yard work, chickens, bathrooms. The library volunteer dinner is tonight, too. One more thing: Chip's sister, Olympic equestrian Karen O'Connor is in first place at the Kentucky Rolex horse event. She still has cross-country and stadium jumping to go. In the small world department, her horse, Mandiba, is owned by Justine Starzynski's Aunt Joan. (Justine and Harry Johnson Sr. have a son, Dante.) How neat is that?


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