First Bike Ride of the Season

We rode out to Lutak this morning on the new pavement in calm sunshine as the tide was coming in. We were just in time to see about a gazillion feeding shorebirds on the flats at the mouth of the Chilkoot River. The eulachon (hooligan) are in so there were plenty of hungry sea lions splashing and waving their flippers. A dozen or so dipnetters  were getting ready to scoop up the little greasy fish.  We saw Richard on his bike on the road to the lake (too much snow to pedal past the weir) and he said he's been listening to a wolf sing in the evening. There were brown bear tracks on the shoulder of the road by the sawmill, and when we pedaled along Front St. we smelled Sonny's smokehouse full of eulachon. After church I raked and cleaned the yard some and watched hawks skim the driftwood tideline in search of voles and mice. In a few hours the tide will be high again, and the noisy show of birds and fish and sea lions will begin once more. I like to sleep with my window open to hear it.  Sarah and Brian and the baby are coming to dinner and we'll have fresh halibut and asparagus. Spring is here. Lucky us.


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