Moose and Birds

 If all the bird life weren't enough of a thrill, I was sipping my coffee when suddenly (yes, suddenly) there was a moose right next to the window. I yelled to Eliza, and we jumped up and he looked at us (from about eight feet away, the width of the deck he was up against) sort of leaped in shock at my red bathrobe and morning hair, and ran down the beach. The question is, what if moose were like birds and instead of turning away from the window, he ran toward it and jumped through it? What would we do then? I hope he didn't know  we are having moose steaks for dinner tonight.
Speaking of moose steaks, my moose slaying neighbors McCoy and Marie have a new great-grandson (and we have a new baby in the neighborhood.) Cody and Kelsey had a boy, Hunter McCoy Taylor.  Everyone is happy and bright.(I count the loop between Small Tracts and Mud Bay as our neighborhood. I have a friend who calls this stretch of Mud Bay Road "Lower Small Tracts" which sounds a bit British.) 
In other news: It is time to spring clean this week. The annual Hospice Rummage Sale drop off is all day Friday at the ANB Hall. The sale is Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-3.


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