Real Feel 17 Degrees

It is 32 degrees, snowing sideways and the north wind is blowing 20 mph. "Real feel 17" is what the weather icon on the community web page says. Today is the drop off for the annual spring hospice rummage and bake sale at the ANB Hall.  The annual spring student art show is going up on the walls of the school today. Tonight is the annual Spring Fling barbecue and dance at the fairgrounds, featuring Julia and the Perpetual Beer Run band. Tomorrow kicks off the annual spring community clean-up (and the weekend of rummage sale bargains). The biggest tides of the year are happening too, and I had planned to walk to Pyramid Island at low tide today, except that I couldn't see it in the blizzard. Next weekend it will be May. I am trying hard not to be grumpy. I have planted many seedlings that will be flowers and herbs, someday. Maybe even this summer, if it ever comes. This morning on our dog walk one friend was worried about the drop offs for the rummage sale. It could be a disaster with this weather. (We assured her it won't be, that Haines and Klukwan rummagers will do what needs to be done.) Another said her garden was partially uncovered of snow just last weekend but now it's all white again. The ground is still frozen. We agreed that complaining won't budge the thermometer or the barometer. That's when my friend said, "I'm telling everyone that this means it will be a super hot summer. We will be walking the dogs in sandals and sun dresses in June. It will be so hot we will have to use sun screen on our backs." I asked why she believes that. "Why not?" She said. She has a point. If it can be this cold in April, June certainly can be blistering. That's a possibility I can dwell in.


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