A Long Short Walk

 When I was in New York it was sunny and we walked everywhere. The sidewalks and Central Park walking lanes were full of people, and no one said hello except the groundskeepers in the park. Now I know why. It's not they aren't friendly. It's that they'd never to get work or finish a workout if they did. Yesterday it was 60 and sunny so I walked to town to run a few errands, stop in at the newspaper office, see baby Caroline, buy some bananas. I left at two. I didn't get there until almost four. That is one mile per hour. The thing was, Betty was in her garden raking winter away and admiring her daffodils,  so I stopped to talk. A little ways down Ann and Steve and Mark were sitting in Ann's driveway looking at pile of freshly split firewood and taking a break from chores. We talked about our kids and health and the weather. I had barely left when McCoy and Marie said hello, and filled me on a winter Outside, tsunamis, earthquakes and the scary place in Maine they once lived. By the time I saw Anne and her grandchildren in her sunny Fort backyard I could only chat a minute. On the waterfront Don was clearing the alder and we admired how much better the view is. In Tlingit Park I picked up some trash and planned to come back with a bigger bag, or three. It was a mess. I tip-toed around the big dig and trucks fixing the sewer line with Nicky and Annika. At the newspaper office,  there were so many folks hanging out that Jess said we should buy a sheet cake and some beer and pretend it was someones birthday. Diane was seeing double from proof reading the visitors' guide, and Tom was trying to figure out how to get more ads to go 12 pages, or else squeeze what he had into 8.  At the bookstore downstairs, another Tom had me sign some books, and Tigger said her home schooled kids counted and tagged 1600 eulachon as part of the counting project at Chilkoot. On the way home, I bought some ripe bananas (yes, they had some bananas) and saw Shannon and the children. The baby is big enough to wear pants now-- 8 months. It makes your realize how long the winter really was. I peeked in on baby Caroline, but they were napping.  On Cemetery Hill, Sabine was chopping onions out on her porch, it was too nice to work indoors. By the time I was back on Mud Bay Road, Lauren was out for her walk. We met coming and going in front of Dr. Feldman's. He was on the porch playing Irish music on his concertina. It was like being on vacation, only better, because I was home.


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