High Pressure

High pressure is in the forecast for the entire week, and it's supposed to be 67 on Friday, just in time for the beerfest. This is technically not news in Alaska in May, or at least according to my friend Tom. He says news by definition is when things don't go as planned. Snow in May is news, not sunshine. Well, this spring normal is worth noting. Still, it is supposed to be very cold the next few nights ( 25 at the border, areas of frost around the valley) and yesterday we were hailed on while cycling. Little centimeter sized ice pellets. Another reason to wear helmets.  Honestly, the only extreme weather we haven't encountered on rides this spring are fires and tornados. (I know, I shouldn't have said that.) Also, the bears have not been as active along the road. They probably took one look at the weather and crawled back to bed. (Which is what I did Saturday morning.) Though I did hear a big brown bear ran right through a yard on Allen Road in broad daylight, prompting shrieks and one phone call to the police, which we will no doubt be read by everyone about six days from now in the police blotter. We will be able to track the bear by the location of callers. I hear there's one hanging around on Lutak Road between the old tank farm and town too. Maybe KHNS should start adding bear spottings to the radio's earth, air and water report, especially in the townsite? It would probably make people and bears safer. Haines High graduation is tonight, and we will attend to see  the grads off and to hear the shop teacher's address. The other day I visited with a friend suffering from the exhaustion of end of the year school activities-- all the concerts, awards banquets, picnics, art shows, track meets, piano recitals, parties and clean-ups-- and comforted her that it will pass quicker than she thinks, and that she won't really miss it. And if she does, she can still attend and volunteer as much as she wants to. I won't be decorating for the prom again, that's for sure. My next command performance will be my granddaughter's pre-school graduation. So what do you need to know? Graduation is at 7, 8th grade promotion is tomorrow night at 7, the last day of school is Wednesday. There are bears about, and cows with calves, and the hooligan grease is ready or getting close, there are yellow warblers dipping into the hummingbird juice, and the snow geese are still here, but summer is on the way north. I hear it is in Juneau today. That means you better get some work done so you can garden tonight after graduation. (There's over 17 hours of daylight.) Talk about high pressure. Spring is such a taskmaster.


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