May Day

 It's May Day, and the kids at Mud Bay will be dancing around the May Pole at Paradise Cove, and there will be a party this evening to remember Neil " Doc"  Ramsey on the beach near my house. Doc died April 12. I wrote his obituary for this week's paper. He was a sociology prof. for 32 years at Virginia Wesleyan before retiring here to be near his son.  He was a sweet, smart man, who liked opera and sitting in the garden looking at the mountains. I have to clean the garage and basement. That's why I'm not going to the Hospice Rummage Sale this morning. I have too much stuff already. Good stuff, that we can't seem to part with. But you should go, since there are tons of great things there and it is a good cause. I'll be babysitting Caroline this morning so Sarah and Brian can go. They are young and have years to fill up basements and garages. Then it will be time to dig in the dirt some and get the garden tidied up. I need to turn over the beds and pull some weeds. Then again, I may just head to the nursery and stand in the greenhouse and smell summer for a while.


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