Everywhere Today

I have some stuff everywhere today, it seems. Read about hooligan oil and hearts at the Alaska Dispatch and about writing at 49 Writers, where I'm May's guest blogger. There's a new book story in the Chilkat Valley News, and I wrote Doc Ramsey's obituary for the paper too. I promise to write more here soon. There's so much happening. But first I have to have some oatmeal and coffee with Chip. (He thinks I type too much. )We just got back from Chilkoot on the bikes. It's cold, but calm and duck-y. Also, if you've seen the ad for the cross-country coach don't be alarmed. Liam and I are still coaching, he just would like to get paid. The school can't pay a coach they haven't hired, thus the ad.  Make sense? (He's been volunteering for five years.)


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