Good Art in Haines

 Went to John and Sharon Svenson's gallery opening Sunday and it was so artsy I felt like I was in New York City, only with more light and color. No one wore black, and there was no concrete, just lots of wood and windows and flashes of light off glass and silver. It smelled a little like smoked hooligan, too. Okay, so it wasn't like New York at all. It was like the best of Haines. In addition to the Extreme Dreams gallery's usual great art, there were all kinds of artists represented, from Joey and Merrick's puppets  and  Kelly's beading to Rob's new guitar and Dave Svenson's neon. I know it is almost a cliche now, but honestly, there is is a ton of talent in this town. We need to change the tourism rap to include the artists.  I have a feeling our artist community is, head- for -head, as impressive as the gathering of the eagles each fall.  I have an extra day this week, and I'm so glad.  I spent all day yesterday thinking it was May 6th. (I was looking at an April calendar.) This weekend there's a track meet, and the fair Spring Fling and Mother's Day.  Next week Nancy Lord, the Alaska Writer Laureate, arrives. She'll do a library talk and book signing May 12. Then my event is May 14.


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