Nicknames and May Daze

We babysat Caroline Cooper last night, her dad calls her CC. We call our daughter Joanna Jeanne, JJ. This got me thinking of community nicknames. I think it is a Haines and Klukwan thing. Fireman Al, Alex the Shovel, Pizza Joe, Whoopie Sam, Leo the Logger. I wrote an obituary this week for a former pre-school teacher who moved away in 1986. Her family said that her Haines name, Teacher Toni, stuck throughout her career as a pre-school teacher. Just like Teacher Sandy in the Haines School kindergarten. Little Jack isn't small at all, and Fuzzy doesn't seem to be particularly furry or confused. But this week I heard one of the best ones. He's a fisherman from Elfin Cove, his name is Joe the Puppet. "He's easily manipulated," his friend, who shared the name with me said, adding, "Actually, just kidding. He looks like a puppet." 
Don't miss the school art show this weekend, it will be up all around the pretty new school, and the Fair Fling, and the the track meet.  If that's not enough, grab a yellow bag and pick up the trash left over from the melting snow. Things get very busy next week. I can't even list all the end of the year school activities, and all the other events-- The Curious/Vicarious exhibit by Amelia Nash and Andrea Nelson continues to wow at the Sheldon Museum. You can see it any time, just ring the bell if the museum isn't open during business hours and the staff will let you in. Nancy Lord, Alaska Writer Laureate speaks the 12th at the library. The Friends of the Library still have tickets for my event on Friday the 14th, a fundraiser for them, there will be fancy desserts and I'll read like I do when I am on tour, and answer questions. It's a ten dollar donation. Also, I'll be in Anchorage and Palmer the 19-22 with events at Title Wave books, Fireside books, and the opening of the new Alaska writing center. Check out the events page for details, and if you get a chance, remind me where I'm supposed to be when. Sam at the school is helping me with a slide show which I'll take on the road, too.


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