Home alone? You Betcha.

If I told you I have spent the morning dancing around my house naked, singing, and vacuming up the dog hair should you believe it? Hint: this is my first dawn without house guests in six weeks. I also am not even going to think about what's for dinner until I'm hungry again, and then it may just be a graze around the yard for berries and greens. I am so happy to be at my very private, quiet, hide-ee-hole  desk in a secret location over in Fort Seward with a good cup of coffee and the dogs asleep at my feet that I may just stay here until that book is done or August 1, whichever comes first.  As to what's happening this week? As they say in Sayulita in January, who cares? You are in Mexico! It is now my turn to just "be" in Haines, as my yoga friends say, and gratefully so. Happy Tuesday! 




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