Famous Monday

Last year for Mother's Day my children sat me down and said they had a surprise, I was going to be a grandmother. I surprised them by asking which one was about to be a parent. At the the time my four daughters and one son were between 18 and 26. It seemed a reasonable question. They were shocked. Shocked!  (I am so grateful it was the married one and that baby Caroline's parents are her main caregivers and I can be a regular grandmother. ) That was going to be a tough Mother's Day to top, I was so happy, and am still so happy to have that baby around. She brought her parents for dinner yesterday. Anyway, this Mother's Day JJ surprised all of us by arriving home from Ireland three weeks earlier than we had expected. Teresa called from the airport said we had an extremely perishable package that had to be picked up right away. "I thought it was an ice cream cake," Sarah said later. But it was sweeter and way cooler-  It was JJ, home safe. She's also just in time to help me clean my closet and plant the garden. Thank goodness. Also, It's Monday and May, and that means there's a mess of things you can read by and about me today while we are outside ignoring the computer and the phone. I am almost famous today, having made the Alaskan Ear column. I finally have something common with the woman who quit being governor. (Although my mention is kind of plain. Nothing nearly as funny as most of hers where.) The Anchorage Daily News has a nice feature on the new book, there is the regular column in the Alaska Dispatch, my guest blog about being an author on 49 Writers, and two obituaries in the Chilkat Valley News. Remember, Nancy Lord will speak at the Library Weds. night the 12th and my Haines book  talk is Friday the 14th. Tickets are limited to 76 for mine, so be sure to pick one up at the Babbling Book or the library. It is a fundraiser for the Friends of the Library.


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