Q&A at the Alaska Dispatch

The sun is out, my kids are home, and I'm leaving soon for all points south so, if you want to know more about Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs  read this interview at The Alaska Dispatch. I'll write more, soon, I promise.  But there are moose burgers to make, and the tide is high, and I'm tired from a long bike ride and cleaning out the greenhouse to make room for the tomato plants. My hoses burst this winter, and they all leak, so it will take another day to get the water going. Also, my summer school class begins tomorrow and I have some reading to do. (I hope I can stay in touch on the road via that tube thing Al Gore invented.) My library event went well, but the best thing that happened this weekend was the ballet class recital. Little girls (and one little boy) in tutus seriously doing their best to keep toes pointed and hands held properly. Need I say more?


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