So Far, So Good

 The first two events of my book tour went well, I think. Title Wave in Anchorage and Fireside Books in Palmer both sold out. (And so people bought a bunch more of the first book, If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name.) I blogged about the Title Wave reading for the 49 Writers site and it will be posted Monday. I was so tired from all the hulabaloo that I slept until ten this morning. Being nervous is exhausting, apparently. That, and I stayed up too late. Here in Anchorage dinner out can begin at nine, or, as in my case last night, about ten. My friend Dawn is here working at her shoe store and so we met for meal at Orso after the store closed and I returned from Palmer. I got  a little lost walking to the restaurant from my hotel, and somewhere a few blocks beyond it, saw a woman who also looked a little confused. She was from Grayling, and looking for a place called Bernie's. She was in sweatpants and a too-large cannery logo coat. I noticed that some folks steered clear. This happens in Anchorage with Native people from the villages, I've noticed. They are given a wide berth by the tourists and the non-Natives. Maybe when you are from a smaller place, you aren't as timid about folks, but whatever, I asked her if she knew where Orso was, and she pointed me in the right direction. She asked if I knew where Bernie's was, and I said I was sorry, but I didn't. As I walked away, I saw her try to ask someone else, but he hustled past her. I think being wary of strangers  may be more of the custom on Friday night downtown than it is on Saturday in the park, because this morning on the coastal trail everyone said hello, and there were many people of all colors and sizes walking, jogging, cycling, pushing baby buggies and holding eager dogs on leashes, and they all said hello or smiled. Tonight I have the 49 Writers event, and that should be fun, since it will be small -35 people. When I was writing my Anchorage Daily News column a long time ago, back in the beginning, I was agonizing over one, and my husband said, "give them fifty bucks worth." (My pay at the time.) I laughed, and understood what he meant, although I always write the same, whether it is for free or a pile of dough. Still, tonight's event cost 100 dollars. I sure hope I can give them 100 bucks worth. (Although it is not like they are giving me that much- it is fundraiser for the new Alaska writers' center. All the proceeds go toward Raven's Place.) I fly to Denver tomorrow and will be in Boulder Monday night  and Denver Tuesday night. Also, I'll be on the radio in New York & Louisiana those mornings, check the events and tour schedule if you want to listen.


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