Globe Review Note (Sorry Kevin)

I was in a hurry and cut and pasted the Globe review right in, loving the first line, and not really reading the rest. Well, I just did, (I'm back from Boulder and winding down before another big day tomorrow- ) and so I need to make a correction or perhaps a clarification-- Kevin is not careless. I don't say that in my book. I say he just didn't see me, and it could have been any one of us driving- it could have been me in the truck and him on the bike-- I've had those hand tingling moments at the wheel, haven't you? That's the thing with reviews, they are not always spot on. (That may be an understatement.) Also, I didn't have much trouble forgiving Kevin, since I never blamed him, and that has been assumed by some reviewers, too. That's why the best way to know what is in a book is to read it yourself.  


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