She's here!

Facebook friends know this because Auntie  JJ posted it via her phone there-- but yes, I have a healthy, 7lb. 8 oz. granddaughter-- that makes four! One more and Brian will have a whole family team, but I don't see another baby on the horizon for while, and certainly not in time to make this  Lady Glacier Bear team. (Caroline is 3 1/2, Lani 18 mos., Ivy 15 mos.)  Silvia Rose was born  Saturday morning a little after 5 at Bartlett Hospital in Juneau swiftly and easily, as childbirth goes, after only about three hours of labor. Her mother is doing great too-- actually,  everyone is just grand- it was quite a family affair-- we are all home safe and sound in Haines now. (Silvia Rose had her parents, sister, and both grandmothers escort her on the ferry north.) I'll tell you more tomorrow as soon as I'm settled back in.


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