A Jetsons Moment

Last night I was driving the rental car I call Starship Enterprise back from Boulder to Denver - the Boulder Bookstore is terrific, three floors of books, a cafe, and outdoor courtyard, smart staff who like to read-- anyway, I'm on the four lane highway, in the dark, flying along at about 70 the way they do here in the wild west, and the radio station goes static. I try to fix it by pressing every lit up button and dial I can find on the steering wheel and control panel, and I end up leaving Colorado for outer space and land on satellite radio of some sort. I still can't get a sound out of it. I was a little lonely (the reading went great, lots of people, lots of books sold) but, you know, it is kind of draining emotionally, especially since the book has hard stuff in it, for me, anyway. I really wanted to listen to the radio. So I  said, " why can't the (blanking) radio work?" (I was a little angry.) And a voice said, "radio". The car was speaking to me. No kidding.  I said, "radio?" And she said, (the voice was electronic and feminine) "Make command."  So I said, "Play the radio." When the car repeated the command line, I said "FM radio, play me a good song." And, I kid you not, the radio came on. It was a schlocky pop country and western tune, but it was music, and the car and had spoken to me. What a world we live in. It was a Jetsons moment. 


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