It's Friday, I Must Be In...

 Richland, Washington is where I am today. (Having survived Denver, Boulder, and Salt Lake and left my talking car behind for an ordinary sedan.) I am also off the book tour beat, and on the grandmother  beat for three whole days. (And the familiar faces beat.) We are all here for Lexie and Stuart's wedding on Sunday. Sarah and Brian are in it, so I am in charge of the baby during the ceremony (and any other time they need a sitter or a break during the pre-wedding festivities.) Luckily, the wedding will be in a winery, so I can wander off onto the grass if Caroline is fussing and still see what's going on. I feel like I should get a big straw hat, since I have been riding around in the back seat, guarding baby Caroline, while Sarah finds all the places we are supposed to be. (Lunch with the bride-to-be and her family, the shopping mall. The hotel.)
In Salt Lake, I saw some Haines friends, and an old horse person friend of the Lendes back east.  The Tattered Cover in Denver gave me an engraved silver-plated book mark with my name, the date, and the store logo on it, how cool is that? In Boulder, I met my son's room mate's parents and went out to lunch with my Aunt Jeanne's oldest friend- they have stayed close for over 70 years. (Both are in their early eighties.) In Park City, Utah, I was on TV. It was sort of like Wayne's World meets The Olympics. A local cable station with a leather-couched log-beamed studio. It is about 65 and rainy here, (75 and sunny in Haines, go figure.) Which means it has been nice to hole up in the hotel with Sarah and the boys-- (We are all in adjacent rooms,-- there's Brian and Jessie McGraw and now two more of my former cross-country runners, Carl Blackhurst and Andrew Friske arrived today. (They have wives and Andrew's children. More friends get in tomorrow.) Sarah is napping with the baby, so I'm going for a jog in the mist along the bike path adjacent to the Columbia River. I am not going to even think about the new book at all until Monday, when I head for Seattle to begin the second half of the tour.


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