First Frost. Thank Goodness.

That's how it always works, isn't it? The minute you comment on the fine weather, it changes. We had the first frost last night, which meant I had to scrape the windshield this morning before Morning Muscles, but the stars and moon were still out and there were no bears in sight, although something kept the dogs in town barking all night, if my fellow exercisers are a fair sampling. The nip in the wind today makes me feel much better than I have in months. It has cleared my head and helped me make several good decisions about winter work that I thought I should do, but am not really qualified for-- I had been using my summer brain when I said "sure" I can  do that.  It's the same sure thinking part of me that says, "Sure, what's another 100 at the wedding?" And, "A family reunion the next week? Sure Dad. No problem."  And,  "Sure, I'll ride 100 miles with you, if you will help me find a babysitter for the child I said I'd sure love to care for, for three weeks."  Don't get me wrong, it all was my pleasure. I just don't have the endurance I used to, and I can only say "sure" through, say October 1, tops before losing my mind altogether. I am so grateful for the frost. I hope it snows, a lot, soon. In the best Alaskan winters survival becomes a fulltime day-job, which means I'm too busy to say "sure",  and the nights and mornings are long enough for relaxed family visits,  slow cooking, and all the writing I want to do. Wouldn't it  be great if we had another record-breaker? After this summer, I sure could use one.




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