Fish and Game (s) News

Well, there will be plenty to talk about over coffee for a few days, maybe longer, now that hunting guide and fisherman Ron Martin has admitted to, and been sentenced for, five hunting related felonies involving area bears and goats. He can't guide again and won't be getting his plane back, either. Listen to the local story on KHNS, or read what the  Alaska Dispatch writes.

This won't make KHNS or the Dispatch, and is much more fun to talk about.  Another local fisherman has been waiting five years to bring back out the two old stadium seats from Fenway Park that he owns. (If you ever are looking for anything ask a fisherman first, then one of the Greggs, especially if it's in the costume or prop department. Now that Erma's basement has been cleaned, who knows where her treasures are? You'd think we would have a community card-catalog for "Stuff we may want to borrow someday.") Anyway,  Brad brought the seats over and set them up in front of the TV in my son-in-law's basement sports bar. The walls include Packers, Brewers, and Cubs memorabilia, a display of major league batting helmets, and the jerseys of local college basketball stars Kyle Fossman (UAA) and Will Egolf (Bradley). The floor used to be part of the old middle school basketball court. The Fenway seats were welcomed to the mix with much joy. My son-in-law, like Red Sox fans the world over, is extremely superstitious. He figures sitting in the original Fenway seats wearing a Red Sox helmet while singing Sweet Caroline with his daughter- a real sweet little Caroline-  in the seat next to him, sporting her smaller (she's 3 1/2) matching Red Sox hard hat, is powerful Ju-Ju. The stadium seats are still attached to each other, made of painted green iron and hard plastic, surprisingly narrow, and not very comfortable, so we took turns using them. At one point, two medium-sized men wedged in, arm to arm and knee to knee. "You can see why season ticket holders grew so close over the years, can't you?"  Brad said,  smiling underneath his own lucky Red Sox cap. 


The calm after the storm.




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