Sleeping Well In Seattle

I do better in hotel rooms with company, and Chip is here, which means I've been sleeping in. We went to the Mariners game yesterday. They lost 11-2. I was very glad that I wasn't the mother of any of the Seattle pitchers. If it had been a Little League Game, it would have been very hard to watch. But since I wasn't related to anyone, I had a terrific time.  The sun was shining, Safeco Field is beautiful, we had great seats (row 19 behind home plate) ate brats and drank a beer. Last night we had dinner with Mario and Eve, and this morning are off to church. I did have to leave the hotel breakfast in search of a decent cup of coffee. Chip said I am a tad difficult when it comes to coffee. But honestly, drinking bad coffee in Seattle is a sin. It would be like eating farmed catfish in Haines. 


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