Watch Your Hands & A Few Things to Know

Here is a pointer, in case you smash the tip of your finger in a wood-splitter and it swells up and hurts like heck. Don't unwind a paper clip and sterilize the end with  a match and press into the nail. That won't work. Also, a needle probably won't poke through the hard nail to release the blood and swelling behind it either.  What you need is a power drill, with the finest bit, and place it right in the center of the nail and tell the person whose body is attached to that swollen, horribly painful pinky to suck it up and be brave, this will only take  a minute, and  gently squeeze the trigger of your Makita with a "zing" and a "gush"  and then an "ahh" the pain will be relieved and healing can begin. It's been a rough few weeks on hands in Haines, so here's a few more don'ts-- don't grab metal roofing by the edge, or get your hand caught in the pistons on a big piece of heavy equipment, or press down on a trash basket with a broken glass in it.  The good news is that everyone is recovering. But watch your hands! Your mother counted those fingers and toes when you were born and she'd like you to keep them all.

In other news, it's about to become winter, according the forecast and the top of Mt. Ripinsky, which has kept its thick white cap on for a few days now and it seems to be fastened tight against the winter winds. Tonight is the every other Thursday when Bingo is played beginning at 6:30 at the ANB Hall. Saturday 2-4 is the 36th annual Doll's Fair at the museum (from Tasha Tudor's classic storybook A Time to Keep). Bring children, dolls and doll-sized treats. Monday is Veteran's Day and the pool and library will be closed, but the Bald Eagle Festival begins so be on the lookout for photographers and bird watchers on the highway and in town and check the schedule at the Foundation for all the lectures and presentations. At 6:30 Tuesday  (that's 11.12.13 which is very cool) the Assembly meets and will hold the first public hearing on an ordinance recommended by the Planning Commission and supported by the Parks and Rec Committee keeping the beach from Cemetery Hill to Carr's Cove non-motorized, forever. Please come and thank the assembly for the good deed of the year and years to come.  And mark your calendar for the Takshanuk Watershed Council's Wild and Scenic Film Fest and dinner on Thursday the 14th at Harriett Hall at 5:30 and the Barn Dance at the ANB Hall at 7 on Friday 15th. Thanksgiving is late this year-- the very last weekend in November- that Sunday will be December 1.  Time flies.


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