# 11 on the PNBA bestseller list.

Phew, I finally arrived in my San Francisco hotel ( a lot more, er, traditional, than the Jupiter. Chocolates on the pillow here) after  a whole day in the Portland Airport, and one delay after another because of weather (fog) and a mad dash over the Golden Gate Bridge at rush hour to Book Passage for the talk. It was a very nice crowd, and in a terrific bookstore frequented by local authors Anne Lamott and Isabel Allende.  (Guess they were busy for my reading... oh well.) While I was trying to get to California, my computer received a flurry of emails from happy editors and booksellers- Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs has moved to #11 on the Pacific Northwest bestseller list. Tomorrow I have an author lunch (Copperfield's Books has organized it) with some fans here, and the best part is that my cousin Jon and his daughter will be there, and Jon is staying over in SF with me tomorrow and showing me the sights. (He lives in LA.)  So I may not catch you up on Portland (and here) until Friday. Saturday morning it is the West Coast Live radio show from the SF ferry building, and then home on Sunday. (I can't wait.)


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