A Few Things You May Want to Know About This Week

Days like today I think I may never do my job again. I spent the lovely moonset of a morning with a family whose 26 year-old son was found dead following an extensive search last week. I listened to good stories about happier times around their comfortable kitchen table. As I write the obituary it feels as if there's an elephant on my heart. All I can do for them is prepare something nice and true that they will clip from the paper and save, but it won't be enough, you know? Obituaries are not biographies. Or even memoirs. Jonathan Ward's memorial service is Saturday at 2 at the American Legion. I suppose it's good that the weather is so fiercely cold and windy, as staying warm requires too much attention to think of other things. I have been caring for grandbaby Ivy too, while her regular sitter is away, and a friend's young dog which are both so good for the heart.  In between I've managed to almost finish a rewrite of my first novel,  which I may complete by tomorrow night-- primarily because Chip is deer hunting, and has been stuck by the heavy seas and gales longer than he planned at Elfin Cove. He texted that it should subside in time for them to make the next  ferry in Hoonah and steam on home by Thursday afternoon, which means he'll be on-time for the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation's dessert reception celebrating grantees and donors at 7 pm in the Chilkat Center (you are invited.) He's on the board, and I was just reminded that he should bake cookies, which he doesn't do. Neither do I. Thank goodness his daughters are generous bakers. It also means he could be just in time to help me shovel--  which he is very good at, if the latest weather advisory pans out for a "heavy snow event" when a predicted large wet storm hits this arctic cold front. Enjoy  the first skating of the season while you can.  There's hockey at the Fairgrounds tonight, and I hear there is ice up on Rutzebeck Lake and Deer Rock Pond, and I've seen it on Lily Lake. I heard that all have been tested-- though the ice may be thin in places, so skate with a friend, and be very careful if you head out in the moonlight. Today from 5:30-7 at the library you can meet  and hear from Palestinian exchange student Haytham Mohanna of Gaza.  There's volleyball at the school Friday and Saturday. The Haines Sportsman's trap shoot is Saturday morning at 10. Sunday night at 7 in the Chilkat Center the Arts Council presents a Norwegian classical pianist, Derek Yaple-Schobert. Also, while it may be counterintuitive in this chilly weather, the pool is a great place to warm-up. In addition to swimming and water aerobics, there's a treadmill and a stationary bike available in the solarium. It's a regular little fitness center these days, and best of all it opens at 6 am M-F. (Check the schedule on-line for more details.)


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