It Takes Two or Three to Tango...

A winter weather advisory is sometimes a good thing-- as today it seems, it's wise to heed it. The wind nearly turned us back on our morning dog walk, but we made it, ducking into the brush where we could, for some relief, and all covered completely except for one narrow strip to see between the hats and scarves. The dogs didn't care a bit. It might has well have been May. I had almost shut off the alarm at 5:30 and rolled back to sleep. But then I thought of Marnie waking up early to teach Morning Muscles, and how she sometimes must feel the same way-- maybe she does right now-- the wind and snow and cold and dark--and so I rallied. Afterwards, I almost didn't go to the pool either, but the life guard had to drive in from her cabin at 18 mile. The least I could do was show up and swim a few laps. I was sure I would skip the walk anyway, since grandbaby Ivy was coming at 9 for the morning and there were still a few chores to do-- the wood, the chickens, feed the dogs, tidy up as Chip is arriving on the ferry this afternoon-- but then Pearl insisted, and there was my friend and her dogs down on the tundra that had been a beach the day before-- and so we became brave arctic explorers undaunted by winter weather advisories! We figured we could at least do a part of our regular walk.  Halfway she said, what the heck,  let's just lean into the wind and walk the whole loop, we are already dressed for it, you know? There's a moral here, about winter, community and neighbors--about how an activity requires team work, and givers and takers and participants. But I have to go now, as Ivy wants me to read her a story. She can look at the pictures by herself, but she enjoys it more when I read the words. Me too.


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