Better Late than Never?

Thanks to the snow (about a foot and half), sleet, and now the rain and awful ice, I have been late for just about everything so far today including checking with you. It was about 12 degrees at 6 am, 22 at 8, and by 11 this morning it was 35 raining and blowing a southerly gale. What a mess. It's a good thing I had snowshoes to walk Pearl and ice grippers for the downtown sidewalks, and that we don't have any traffic, I rarely drive over thirty, and can be late for most things-- thanks to Haines time. I did manage to make it to the radio to give the weekly library news talk on time only because the librarian who lives next door wisely chose to ride to town with me rather than walk and she is punctual. If you missed the library talk, Shipping News is the book club choice for tomorrow's discussion at 3 and the library is closed Thanksgiving, the Friday after, and that Saturday, except for the big community party.  The annual lighting of the library is 3-5 and it's an open house, everyone is invited,  and it's free-- though  donations toward The Friends good work, as well as some silent auction items and a raffle for a snow blower will happen- and of course food, drink, music, and the huge tree-- which is now inside the library, in that secret, ship-in-the-bottle way they do to get the thing in there. In less fun but perhaps more critical news, the library will be part of an Affordable Care Act  statewide video-conference, Tuesday Dec. 3 from 3-5 with the Director of the Division of Insurance answering questions about how it will work in Alaska. Which hopefully will be better late than never--   and with no thanks to our Governor who has chosen not to extend Medicaid benefits that would insure 40,000 plus more Alaskans, even though he says he's a Christian and Jesus was all about caring for the poor, needy and neglected as we would ourselves-- and the state and Anchorage chambers of commerce supports that too-- but don't get me started. Sigh.There are plenty of needy people in Haines this time of year whom you can help by bringing non-perishables (cans, rice, beans) to the Salvation Army. I'd stay home today if you can. Should you need to venture out, as Harold Hopper used to say, dress for the weather not the vehicle--- just in case, and take your time. 



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