Taking Good Care of Stuff

I am finally home, and spent the day taking good care of the dogs, ( a hike to Twin Coves and a good brushing) and the garden, (thinning, watering, weeding) and the family ( cooked a nice dinner and babysat Caroline while Sarah went to a meeting.) It was a pretty good day, the best kind, actually. I meant to tell you this about the organic farm in Petaluma my cousin's daughter works on-- they sell chickweed-- to eat-- it was in a pretty wooden bin right next to the green garlic and lettuce. Really, in California they eat chickweed. Makes you think about all that weeding, doesn't it? I will be at Hearthside in Juneau (the valley store) Thursday night at 7pm, then that's the last signing for a while, the next one after that is at the Skaguay News Depot on the 28th, I think- (I'll let you know for sure, when I do.)


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