Happy Monday

Well, we actually did fly out in the blustery rain on Thanksgiving-- and because it was in doubt one feast was delayed a day and another was added, so instead of having no Thanksgivings we had two in a row-- one Thursday and one Friday. The flight to Juneau was a tad scary, but the ferry home Saturday and Sunday morning (9:30pm-3:30am) night was also challenging. There were 15 foot seas and gusts to 67 mph at Eldred Rock lighthouse, so even the great big Taku shuddered and heaved and took an extra hour and change to make the trip north. Yesterday the storm winds continued, and planes were canceled in  spite of the clear skies because it was blowing over 80 mph in the canal between Haines and Juneau. Today they say gusts may hit 90 at Eldred Rock although the sun shines brightly on all those steaming waves. Wow. It's like February in December, except darker in the morning and afternoon. Yesterday we took a walk up to the pond in the gales, with faces all wrapped up as it was about 15 degrees, and came upon a couple of skaters who were zooming one way and crawling back the other way. (Okay, not quite, but barely making it across the ice into the wind, and they didn't stay long...) This is skating weather, or will be, if the wind would just die down a bit. I hear it's better at the Fairgrounds rink, where hockey players are skating like crazy. Here's a few other things to know for this week: Tomorrow (Tuesday) 5-7 at the library you can learn about the Affordable Care Act and Alaska via video conference with the man in charge of it for the state-- (and check out the pretty tree and all the holiday cheer). On Thursday at 5:30 you may listen to the assembly interview a borough manager candidate from North Carolina, he's a career Marine who has visited Haines and likes it, afterward there will be time to ask him your own questions. Then Friday and Saturday at 7pm Lynn Canal Community Players present Christopher Durang's Tony Award-winning adult comedy,  "Vanya and Sonia and Spike and Masha."  Tod Sebens directs, so it should be another great drama. The Community Education holiday bazaar  is Saturday at the school from 10-2, and KHNS is having an on-line holiday auction all week  at www.khns.org

Silvia Rose enjoyed her first Thanksgiving very much, and gave us all that much more to be grateful for.


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