Another Good Review

When I met Jane Smiley on West Coast Live, she said she never reads reviews. When I told that to Chip, he said, "she doesn't have to." He has a point. I wish I didn't read them, but I do, especially when they are sent to me, as this one was by the editor of Book Page.  (I also like the good ones best, who wouldn't?) Still, it is all easy to put the praise or boos in perspective. I've had a lot of radio interviews lately where I am called Heather Lend (no ee sound) and I don't correct the announcer, especially if it is live. Also, on one TV show, the host said she loved my book, and then said the title came from the advice I gave my daughter at her wedding. "Take good care of the garden and the dogs" were my mother's last words. I decided not to correct her. But when I said the book was mostly about getting run over by a truck and surviving, she was so shocked that she practically did a spit take in her coffee cup. (So, the moral is, sometimes people who talk about your book, haven't read it. Even reviewers.) 


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