Not so Calm or Bright.

I had a major meltdown this morning when I learned that the ordinance keeping the Chilkat River beach from Carr's Cove to Cemetery Hill non-motorized may not pass tomorrow night because a former mayor and current assemblyman in favor of the ordinance had to leave town to be near his dying mother and won't be there, and it could be that close a vote--  three to two. The mayor won't even have to break the tie. It serves me right for quoting Mandela yesterday. He didn't despair in the face of decades of fighting true evil and injustice. Of course this is neither. Not even close, and it still may pass and yet I'm already despairing. I will never win a Nobel prize. But this could still be bad in the very much smaller scheme of things for one very small patch of ground in a very small town. I know an emotional rant won't convince the assembly members who are leaning toward the motorized side of the fence, and it won't change the main antagonist's mind one bit. Do you think making them smile will? The play this weekend got a lot of laughs because Bo was in his underpants most of the time.  No, I'm not going to testify to the assembly in my skivvies. But, after I calmed down this morning, I got to thinking, while I was swimming (following my meltdown I went to the pool and swam for an hour), what if I likened the beach issue to this pool scenario:  What if  a man showed up in his birthday suit and jumped in to swim a few laps, and the lifeguard blew her whistle and said he needed a suit, and it turned out that requiring swimsuits in the pool was not in the Haines Borough code, and the only way to fix it was to make an ordinance doing that-- or as some would interpret it-- banning skinny-dipping in the pool? (This is actually pretty close to the beach non-motorized scenario.) Would we say that requiring swimsuits infringed on nudist's rights? Would we say that this was an attack on skinny-dipping in the entire Haines Borough? Would it mean suits would be required in secluded  ponds and at lakeside cabins? Or that this means if you ran naked as an otter from the sauna to the stream in your own backyard that you'd be arrested? Would the assembly  argue that a nude man minding his own business should not bother other swimmers? Would a compromise be to create a nude lane, even if that would clear the pool of lifelong users in favor of one guy, who it turns out, was only visiting from the Yukon? I know. I'm pretty sure they'd say sarcasm is not helpful. Maybe you agree.  But I feel a lot better for venting, anyway, so thanks for letting me. I'm trying to find some good here. If you want to help me do that, please attend tomorrow's assembly meeting - that's Tuesday the 10th at 6:30 in the municipal building- and speak up for walkers, quiet, fish and wildlife and a very popular recreation area.  Join me in urging the assembly to vote yes to residents, yes to a community recreation treasure, and yes to fish and wildlife.  I know, the meeting is also during the K-6 school winter concert, so parents can't make it. But community members can still attend the big kids' concert by 7-12th graders Weds. night. Both begin at 6:30 and both are in the Chilkat Center this year, which should make them extra special.


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