A Christmas Acrostic


C is for Caroling in the Presbyterian church Christmas Eve, Caroline's princess outfit, and Christian's phone call right on cue.


H is for Home for the Holidays, except for Justin who missed the ferry and couldn't fly because of all the snow.

R is for the Radio's great local Christmas specials and for Ralph who made sure all that snow was plowed.

I is for the Internet's face-time with a daughter in Ecuador and for happy little Ivy.

S is for Silvia Rose's first Christmas and for the snow which is still falling.

T is for tea and the company of an old friend on a snowy evening, and way too many home baked treats.

M is for moose urine. Chip's favorite gift from a hunting partner and who dropped it off Christmas Day when he brought back the boots he accidently wore home from our house, twice, and what the heck, he'll stay for a glass of wine too, since Christmas only comes around once a year. (I know, you are still thinking about that bull moose pee. Like true love and home grown tomatoes, money just can't buy the real thing.)

A is for Eliza's dog Annie whom Caroline thought was named  "Stop It" when she was a baby, but who has mellowed so much that even little Lani, who is shy of large bouncy dogs, calls by her proper name and laughs when her tail knocks glasses off the table.

S is for snow and snow and more snow, and for a neighbor stopping by on Christmas Eve to pick up Grandma Smith's sour cream coffee cake, which I bake  each year, as it is our Christmas morning  tradition, and it is his too, since I have been baking one for him since his children were about the size of his grandchildren now. 






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