A Bright Snowy Sunday Walk Postcard

It's crazy blowing snow and dark, again. They say we will get another 5-10 inches today,  but yesterday was so great I can only hope  there's another blue sky high in our future. In the meantime, here's a postcard of my walk home from yoga (9:30) and church (10:30)  at the Chilkat Center Sunday around noon.Chip dropped me off, after blasting through the pre-plow berms in his truck, and had me do what we now call the Quito bus stop leap --thanks to JJ's descriptions-   as he coasted by the snowy Chilkat Center parking lot and on down the hill so he wouldn't get stuck.-- I'm just kidding. He stopped, but for only a minute and then said I should probably walk home, which was more than fine with me, and now you can come along too--



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