Raining All Around

 I should have enjoyed sleeping in this morning, what with the steady, much needed, rain, and no need to bike in the wet, (the race is over so we can be fair weather riders) and no Morning Muscles class ( T Th Fri.) But it was a tosser and turner night, thinking about Mike Saunders and his shocking death, shellfish poisoning is suspected, but not confirmed. I was at the happy party where the suspect crab was served. A hundred people must have had some, children, grandmas, fishermen, teachers, and troopers. Really. Thinking about what might have been was so scary I couldn't sleep. Thinking of what happened to one family, Kate and Elena, is so tragic, I can't sleep in. Right now, the clouds are down to the water. It is like the whole Chilkat Inlet is crying. All I want to do is hug my husband, but he's already at the lumberyard, using the rainy morning to catch up on construction bids. I guess I'll clean the house, my dad is coming today, if he can fly up from Juneau in this fog, although it should clear by then. It will be good to see him.


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