Yes, there really is more snow than usual.

It's official. December's snowfall total was a record 91 inches. (The previous record was 77 inches.) Now the rain has made it even heavier, and messier, and the walkways and roads are even slicker. The official radio road report called driving conditions on the Haines Highway from town to the Canadian border "difficult."  I have not heard that before but of course it is exactly the right word. (At least the printable one.) The walk over the watery skating rink of a driveway to the garage required waterproof boots and crampons this morning. Why then, you may ask, is this man smiling as he scrapes the roofs clear before snowshoeing across the yard to clear yet more snow off his boat?

Because he has a lovely wife?

 Actually, I'm pretty sure it's because he has packed his snorkel gear and new Christmas swim trunks. The snow is so much easier to shovel knowing we will leave for Mexico in a week. I feel a little bad about mentioning it, but you know, after thirty-two Alaskan winters I figure we're due. Tonight we will be in the gym watching our daughters play in the alumni basketball game at 6:30. See you there? Drive carefully. There's no hurry.


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