Sky Diving? Is This Safe?

This morning as we cooled down from Morning Muscles, I said to Marnie, "He's going sky diving with his girlfriend for her birthday, should I be worried?" Barbara overheard me, and said, "Is this Christian?" (My 21 year-old son.) "No," I said, "My dad." Papa Bob is visiting from N.Y and at dinner last night announced he's going sky diving in July with a lady friend-- for her 70th birthday. (He's 76.) Later this morning he and I are going to jog the 3.9 mile Small Tracts loop. (His knee replacement is a success, apparently.) Guess I shouldn't be worried.
Also, yesterday JJ took some photos and put them on my facebook fan page, she says I need better pictures than just the book jacket portraits. (I know there is a link to facebook on my Events and Tour page, and one which is click-able on the Home Page note, but you may have an easier  way to find it than I do. Let's just say I'll never Twitter, or Tweet, or whatever you call it. I can't even text. You need a cell phone for that, right?) 


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