Papa Bob's Most Excellent Alaskan Adventure

My Dad brought his wet suit to the cabin this weekend, and Sunday morning swam for forty minutes in Rutzebeck Lake and almost died of hypothermia. (He is training for the annual swim across the Hudson River in NY in July. It is warmer there.) JJ and Stoli had to lift him up from my canoe onto the dock and we wrapped him in a sleeping bag and cranked the woodstove up so hot the cabin was about 100 degrees. Luckily, the cut on his head had healed and the frigid water brought the swelling down in his knee from his crash (on foot) Friday evening. Then, he couldn't believe I didn't have large gauze bandages in the house. I told him that with us, it's either an ambulance or nothing.  At the cabin, he was grateful for the stove's heat and by after breakfast he had warmed up enough to pedal the exercise bike that powers the battery that runs the radio. Luckily, he didn't fall off the ladder, and the paint bucket did not come tumbling down.  (We kept him away from the chain saw and the brush cutter, just to be safe.) He enjoyed the after dinner conversation with Tom and Jane. (They walked over Saturday from their place bearing Australian coconut and cherry chocolates for desert.) Turns out that my dad and Tom read the same books, and so they talked about WW II and the astronauts and why Americans eat too much junk food.  Today we are going to Skagway. The wetsuit is staying home, he will not be swimming from here to there, instead he'll ride the fast ferry and sun bathe on the deck. (After he puts zinc oxide on his skin cancer spots.) And I was worried about skydiving? Forget Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch, there should be a show called Papa Bob's Most Excellent Alaskan Adventure. (There are still three days to go.)


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