Saving the Sales Campaign

I was at Olerud's store, not too long ago, checking out with a shopping cart full of groceries, when a friend holding a red pepper and bunch of cilantro looked at it and said I could save a lot of money at Costco. (In Juneau) I said "But I want Candy to have a job, and her husband to be the fire chief, and her children to be in our school."  Also, by the time I take the car to Juneau on the ferry and spend the night in a hotel and eat Thai food and go to a  movie and the eye doctor I could have bought a ticket to Belize. Anyway, my friend, who is a smart guy, looked at me funny. As if this had never occurred to him.  As if  the store would be able to stock peppers and cilantro if no one was buying dog food  and toilet paper. Candy, who was bagging my purchases, said "thank you."
I am on a campaign to save an endangered species, no, I'm not saving the whales, I'm saving the local sales in our small town, with the hopes of making Haines a better place for all of us. No one sends out Christmas cards with Wal Mart and Costco on the front. Shop locally this holiday season,  and get in the habit all year round. If a store doesn't have what you want, ask if they can get it. I bet they will.
From now on most blog entries will include a local shopping tip, or three. If you have one, let me know. Here's today's: I am so happy to have flannel sheets on the bed right now, and you can get some too- at Miles Furniture. While you're there, check out the door knobs. Dennis makes the coolest things out of antique door knobs, from coat racks to wine stoppers. He also knows more  about all things electronic like dvd players and satellite radio than anyone at my house and the TV he sold us works great. If you are flush you may want to buy a new one to watch Oprah on Monday. Then again, you may want to watch the dvd of the John Adams series to see real statesmen and thinkers in action.


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