Happy Wednesday

 It's my birthday, I'm 51 and very happy. (Also, happy birthday to L.A. Katzeek!) Last year I had a big party. This year, it is a family day. It is raining so we have the fire going and the house is full of children and dogs. All five of my girls are here (including cooing baby Caroline) our three old dogs and Sarah's young bloodhound. (Christian is off to Elfin Cove for the salmon trolling opener tomorrow. He did make it home for a few days after getting most of their halibut quota.) The girls are all in the kitchen baking cakes- two-- an orange one for me (my favorite) and North Douglas chocolate for everyone else (they say orange cakes taste like soap.) Eliza spent a long time cooking sugar and egg whites and whisking away, to make a boiled frosting for my cake. When she was done she said, "I think I just made marshmallow fluff."  Stoli looked at the sticky pan and said, "Do I have to wash this?" The whole house smells like the  cakes and garlic. JJ and Sarah decided to make pesto for lunch. There's a lot of basil in the greenhouse.
Papa Bob left this morning, after making me type up a list of his personal pros and cons, so he can study it on the plane, then he went over his cholesterol numbers again ( the HDLs are particularly impressive, he said) and took about a dozen photos with the kids, and then re-took them because he forgot his glasses were hanging around his neck and they made him look like an old man. That's when  I added a few things to the list of cons. " Demanding, Obsessive compulsive?" He asked, "Me?"
The family got me some pottery plates for my birthday. Sarah just said, "Hey Mom, next year, why don't you get a condo in Mexico for your birthday?" I'm pretty happy with the plates, and happier with the sticky pots in the sink and that garlic and basil smells so good I need to get downstairs before they eat it all. (I'm sorry I haven't been keeping in contact as much lately, but it is summer, and the living is busy, and I don't want to miss anything.)


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