Her Feet Are Smaller at 19 than 14

My 19-year-old daughters JJ and Stoli and I were waking in the woods, wearing rubber boots (it was raining) when JJ said her boots were too small. Stoli said JJ could have her old ones, she has two pairs, and one will fit JJ. Now, Stoli is smaller than JJ, and so JJ's old boots usually go to Stoli, not the other way around. (Stay with me, this is a good story.) Stoli said, "You can have the pair I had when I was a size 10." That seemed awfully big to me. "Aren't you more like an 8?" I asked. "8 1/2," she said. Then JJ said, "Oh yeah, that was back when Stoli's feet kept getting bigger and bigger. Every year we'd order new shoes for school, and Mom would say, 'what size are you?'  Stoli said '8' and so Mom said, 'we'll order an 8 1/2 then.' The next year, Mom would ask about shoe sizes again, and Stoli would say she didn't remember, and Mom would look in her shoes, and say "8 1/2, so she must be a 9 now, but we'll order a 9 1/2. Stoli's shoes just got bigger and bigger and bigger, her feet looked huge." By now JJ is hysterically laughing, and I am dumbfounded. I didn't know this. How could this be? "That's why Stoli's running shoes were a 10 and when she raced her feet were flopping all around." It is also why Stoli finally decided to learn her proper shoe size, and by the time she was senior was back down to an 8 1/2, and why Stoli has now given her size 10 rubber boots to JJ, who really is a size 10.
In real news, the Mt. Ripinksy 4th of July race is tomorrow (Saturday July 3.) It begins at 8 am at the Legion. I'll be volunteering up at the turn-around but am passing on the race part. The Mad Raft race at Chilkoot is at 2, and the Firemen's Barbecue featuring Fireman Al's Texas brisket, is inbetween. The parade, Friends of the Library cookout and used book sale, and games in Tlingit Park are all on Sunday. And, the big news in our neighborhood is that Kelly and Rene had a baby boy, Rowen, so Lauren and Lyle Huff have another grandson. Marie saw a big brown bear run through her yard. A pit bull and malamute are missing from the Mud Bay Institute, so watch your chickens, and speaking of  poultry, Tiana has a rooster free to a good home. (Actually, he's free even if you want to put him in a stew pot.)


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