Under the Weather

So of course my sun-kissed fresh-produce eating body completely collapsed after three days back home in the frozen north. We get soft so quickly. That will teach me to leave. Which means as far as the Iditaswim goes after a blazing start  my doggies are stuck in Skwenta with an upper respiratory bug waiting for a vet clearance to push on down the trail. For those of you who can still breath hard, there's a Zumba-yoga- Crossfit- wear red- extravaganza at 5:30 at the school (everyone is welcome) and there's all kinds of hockey at the fairgrounds, and no doubt ice is building up on the ponds and lakes. It is supposed to be near zero tonight.  The basketball games are at 5:30 and 7:00, and tomorrow night there's also a barn dance at 7:00 at the ANB Hall. The Hospice newsletter has a couple of good clip&save articles about grief-- both personal and about coping with it in a small-town, so keep yours, and if you find a few lying around grab them and mail them to an out of town friend. He or she will thank you. Even if I am moving slow, Pearl still needs her walk, and on such a beautiful winter morning it's pretty great to be "under the weather." 



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