Youth 'N Age, Ahhh

 Corey Piper is the hero of the 4th if July. The high school sophomore cross-country runner won the annual Mt. Ripinsky race, and was part of a three man all Piper family crew that won the Mad Raft Race down the Chilkoot River a few hours later. Trust me, kneeling on a home-made styrofoam raft in frigid water after bounding down the Ripinsky race trail (forget about the climb, it is the downhill that does the quads in) earns him the toughest kid (heck, person) in town award. JJ (19) was the top girl, finishing fifth overall, just behind Scott Doddridge, (40+) Ralph Borders (58) and Dave Swift (48).  There were 15 competitors in all, and all were kids, or adults old enough to be their parents (and almost grandparents.) There were no 20 or 30 year olds. Maybe we should change the name of the race to "Youth 'N Age, Ahh."  Although, one older racer had a good point. He said that if we want to attract the young outdoorsy crowd then we need to make the race start later than 8 am on Saturday morning. "They were all out dancing to the Swing Set at the Pioneer last night," he said.


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