A Bear, A Harley, and a Women's Magazine?

I heard Chuck hit a bear with his motorcycle last night at 19 Mile. (Or the bear hit him?) I also heard the motorcycle was wrecked, but Chuck's okay. Keep him in your thoughts. No word on the bear, though. I tell you what, bears should know better than to bump a U.M.F. member in good standing off his Harley. (The U.M.F.s are called the Uglies for short, since the whole name is not printable in a family blog.) 
In other, less exciting, but happier news, everyone at Algonquin Books is thrilled that Garden and Dogs is on the northwest bestseller list, (lucky #13) and I am almost done with my first column for a national women's magazine. You'll have to wait to learn which one and read the other details in Duly Noted in this week's  Chilkat Valley News. Sara Chapell even spoke with the magazine's editor. How fun is that?  I'm heading up to the cabin so I can let the column rest overnight and then I'll give it one more crack in the morning. I also need some breathing room before I leave for Anchorage and two weeks of MFA school at UAA,  (a mouthful of initials) as well as book tour events at the Anchorage Museum, Barnes & Noble, and Pandemonium in Wasilla. (Hmm. That could be the name of a reality TV show...) 


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