Hearts Breaking, Again.

Looking toward the Kicking Horse this morning I said a prayer for Aaron and for his mother, especially. The 31 year-old SEABA heli-ski guide from Oregon who was caught in an avalanche up there Saturday has died from his injuries. His family donated his organs. There's not much else to say that hasn't been said after last year's heli-skiing guide's death, and the client and guide's deaths the year before. Four deaths in three years effects everyone who lives in this small town, not just their families, co-workers, clients, friends, clinic staff and volunteer EMTs. Tim is a grandfather and a carpenter, he said,  "You don't have to know the guy to be heartbroken. We are human beings."  After my son-in-law heard the news he asked my four year-old grand daughter who now says she wants to be in the winter Olympics someday, to promise that she'll never, ever heli-ski. "Okay Daddy," she said. The colorful crews of clients and guides from around the country and around the world are loading up the vans and heading out to the choppers and up into our spectacular mountains again today. I pray that they are safe. The season runs through April. I pray that it is without further incident. I know better than to expect that, but it's not too much for a mother, a grandmother, and a human being to ask, is it?



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