Writing School Stories and a Switch-Hitting Nun

Here's what I learned in my creative writing classes at UAA yesterday. Novelist Ed Allen (Mustang Sally) said: "In the beginning was the word...With no words we wouldn't be human... Take the words more seriously than yourself." Memoir writer ( Lifesaving)  Judith Barrington said, "Only in the telling and the re-telling; in the writing and the rewriting, do we find out what the story is and why it is important to you and to others."  David Stevenson, UAA MFA Program Director, speaking on the same topic in a fiction writing workshop said,  "Does it matter if Mother Teresa batted left or right handed? That, my friends, is not Mother Teresa's story." Well, that made me wonder if the Angel of Calcutta ever played softball on the hospice team, and if  so, was she a pitcher or the catcher or stuck out in right field daydreaming? Did she wear shorts and a team T-shirt or her nun uniform? Did she pray out loud for her teammates and their opponents in the pre-game huddle, or request a moment of silence? As to her stance at the plate, saints must all be switch-hitters, right?


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