Fundamental Rhymes

Ed Allen, one of the teachers here at UAA, ( a novelist and poet and English prof. from South Dakota) gave a talk on words the other day, and the way we use them. He spoke of what he called "fundamental rhymes." Words, that for no known reason, go together, or as he said "fall into orbit" with each other. He said they were proof that language has something human at its core, and that, "In the beginning really was the word."  This is a fun game to play. Here are a few examples:
Breath, Death
Bear, Scare
Birth, Earth
Gun, Run
Tomb, Gloom
Sad, Glad
Fame, Name
Brief, Grief
Lightening, Frightening
Hunker, Bunker
You get the idea. These rhymes Ed said, " are more than just coincidence." There's a ton more. You can list them all day if you are not careful. 


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