The Woman's Day Magazine Story

So, by now you probably know that I will start a new column in Woman's Day magazine in November, pretty much just like the  old one that ran for ten years or so in the Anchorage Daily News  (and similar in style to the Morning Edition and Christian Science Monitor essays, and my newer column in the Alaska Dispatch which I won't be doing now, at least until I get my feet on the ground with Woman's Day. I want to be sure they get my best shot--- So the subjects will be, home, family, faith, community, & small-town Alaska stuff.) But the story of how it came to be could be a column in itself. The editor of Woman's Day called me up and asked me if I'd like to contribute, just like that, out of the blue. I said, "sure." (The same way I did when an Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill editor called and asked if I'd like to write the book that became If You Lived Here...)  After I got over the initial flurry of emotions from terrified to thrilled, I asked how she found me. She said her mother-in-law gave her my new book, Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs, after learning of it in a church newsletter, and that they both loved it. (The Woman's Day editor read it one sitting, she said. I know, my hat size just grew.) It gets better. The church where her mother-in-law goes is the same church my mother --whose life and death I write about in that book-- attended; tiny St. Peter's in Lithgow, N.Y. My mother was more New Yorker than Woman's Day, but I think she realized that her oldest daughter may be more Woman's Day than New Yorker. In a way, all of her daughters are. While my mother was a first generation feminist, we all have chosen a more domestic path to happiness, although my mother would be the first to point out that for our generation at least there is a choice, thanks to the work hers did. Anyway, talk about divine intervention. Now let's just hope the magazine's readers like what I say ( and the sort of quirky place I live.) In other news, Stoli just made a cake to enter in the fair and I tried to find some flowers that don't have any thripps (tiny little bugs that have invaded Alaska gardens this summer ) but couldn't. I also picked all of my ripe cherry tomatoes and was not able to fill a pint box (the required amount to enter.) Oh well, there's always next year. At least I can contribute to the Hospice of Haines booth. On the plus side, my smoked salmon came out perfectly, and Grandma Joanne and I are canning 24 half-pints this afternoon. (It's cloudy and quiet- a good day to be in the kitchen.) Today is Sarah and Brian's anniversary. It is hard to believe that wedding was three years ago. I still have a sign that we made for it on my closet door that says, "Bride's Dressing Room."  I guess I should change that to "Baby's Changing Room." James Taylor is right-- the secret of life is enjoying the passing of time. 


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