What's up this week? A lot.

I missed the inaugural Letter Nerds gathering at the library last night. The new group has formed to promote the old art of paper correspondence. (Cards, paper and stamps will be provided at meetings), because my dad, Papa Bob, the sun worshiper is here, so it figures that it is now raining and cold enough for a fire in the stove again. It also figures the rain arrived just in time for the middle school picnic and high school graduation night. (7 pm tonight at the Karl Ward Gym.) Doug Olerud, a Haines High and UW grad who runs his family stores (sporting goods, groceries, clothing) with his sister and announces the basketball games on the radio will speak.I asked him what he planned to say and he said, "not much." I hope he says a little more than that. The first cruise ship docks at the new dock this week, I think, although I haven't seen much about it, and the dock's grand opening ceremony isn't until June 5.  Tomorrow at the museum Jeffrey Klanott and Jim Heaton will demonstrate totem pole carving from 10-5 and middle school promotion is at 6:30 in the elementary school gym. The last day of school is Thursday and it's also the Hershey Track Meet. (Volunteers are needed, call he school if you can help. 766-6700), and CIA tribal elections are also Thursday from 8am-8pm at the new office across from the library. Friday it's the harbor appreciation barbecue from 10-2, the summer reading kick-off at the library is 11 on Friday, and the 22nd annual Great Alaska Craft  Beer and Home Brew Festival begins Friday night with the brewer's dinner. It's all sold out, so expect big crowds of revelers walking around town. I have heard there may be extra police and in town for the event, and I hope this doesn't dampen the party too much. If you invite 1200 people to town for a  beer drinking festival, it seems to me you should be a little flexible and exercise some discretion. Of course, we want people to be safe, and beer is for adults over 21 only, but you don't  dress up your kids and take them trick-or treating and then tell them they can't eat the candy, you know? Monday we all can clean-up and recover, since it's Memorial Day.


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